Social Media – Teens Vs. Businesses

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Social Media – Teens Vs. Businesses

Social media is used in many different ways because it is so vast, there are many uses and misuses of it. Let’s take a brief look into how different is the usage of social media by teens vs. businesses, and if they have common uses or not.


Internet celebrity:
quality IP phones in Sydney have had a revolutionary impact on the way the teens use social media to gain attention of the followers and friends on social media; it’s called being an internet celebrity, example: Logan Paul is an internet celebrity due to his vines and videos on social media.

Keep up with the trend:
Social media is constantly updated by the latest trends in things like fashion, slang, memes, songs, etc. For example: The songs; PPAP, Man’s not Hot, and Gucci Gang hit the charts due to the trends set by the social media. One post is enough to make a new trend or make it go viral.


Used as a marketing tool
Social media is currently the best place to market your product. One of the best examples of products being viral due to marketing on social media is the Fidget Spinner. It was released quite a while ago into the market, however it wasn’t very successful. But, when it was marketed into social media, the fidget spinners went viral and took the market by storm. Most of the people on social media, had one of these fidget spinners. Millions of sales took place in such a short time.

E- Commerce:
Many individuals have online pages for their start up pages; it is a start up with the least amount of investment, and which have a higher rate of success because social media targets consumers all over the world, spread across different countries. However, most startups don’t get fame due to intense competition from all over the world.

For surveys:
Social media is a prominent place for surveys as it can get a more accurate result as there are many people that would volunteer to fill the survey. This comes under primary market research whereas collection of information from business IT support Sydney such as Google Compute Engine (GCE) comes under secondary market research.

Common usage: teens and businesses

Despite the uses being so different, there is common ground in both parties. It is the use of communication. Both, teens and businesses use social media to communicate especially to people in foreign countries, and its free due to mobile technology used by social media such as WhatsApp Call, Viber Call, Messenger Call, etc. which uses internet to transmit voice signals from one phone to another.